White Tombs by Christopher ValenWhite Tombs

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Detective John Santana knows Minnesota winters can be deadly.  If the weather doesn’t kill you, bullets might.

When a prominent leader of St. Paul’s close-knit Hispanic community is murdered, Detective John Santana promises the widow he will bring down the killer.  Despite the snow and bitter cold, the case heats up quickly—suspects are killed before they can be questioned; his alcoholic partner’s trigger finger draws the attention of Internal Affairs; a sexually explicit photo of a murder victim surfaces in an unlikely place; a snow plow becomes a deadly weapon; and police brass threaten to pull Santana off the case.  Hunted by an assassin out for revenge and haunted by his violent Colombian past and the younger sister he left behind, Santana’s simple vow to a dead man’s wife becomes an oath that could cost him his life.

Flag of ColumbiaLeer sinopsis del libro Sepulchros Blanqueados.

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Reviewers Choice: Best Mystery of 2008 AwardReader Views Annual Literary Awards: White Tombs is Reviewers Choice Best Mystery of 2008

Garcia Award for Best Fiction Book Of The Year

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Praise for White Tombs

"White Tombs is a well-crafted who dun it . . . I enjoyed the story immensely. It's action packed . . . On a scale of 1-5, I give it a 5."
–Cynthia Lea Clark for Futures Mystery Magazine

"Valen’s debut police procedural provides enough plot twists to keep readers engrossed and paints a clear picture of the Hispanic community in St. Paul."
Library Journal

“White Tombs is a superb police procedural starring a fascinating lead detective. Santana is a wonderful new addition to the sub-genre. Readers will appreciate this strong whodunit with a stunning late twist that no one will see coming.”
—Harriet Klausner, The Mystery Gazette ( Read full review.)

“In this page turner, Valen presents a clear picture of a modern, urban Hispanic community - plus the horrible Minnesota weather.”
—The Poisoned Pen

“This book goes well beyond just being a detective story. The characters are fantastically well developed and the writing is solid and elegant. White Tombs screams out for a sequel – or better yet, sequels. I’ll definitely be on the lookout.”
— Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson, Reader Views
Read the full review.

"The book is a great read and Santana is destined to become one of my favorite detectives. Truly a 5-star read from this author."
—Patricia Reid, Armchair Interviews
Read the full review.

"John Santana puts Valen's police procedural in a class of its own. When the detective from Colombia takes his appetite for elusive justice to the streets, there is no predicting what will break loose."
— Abigail Davis, author of Hanging Katherine Garret

"Fast-paced, suspense-filled and packed with accurate detail.
A gripping story of revenge, murder and official corruption."
— Brian Lutterman, author of Bound to Die and Poised to Kill



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