City of Stones

City of StonesAmerican troops are fighting the Communists in Korea. McCarthyism is on the rise. The Kefauver Commission is investigating organized crime. In the midst of this turbulent time, the murder of a MPD police officer and the two young Jewish men accused of killing him sets off an explosive investigation that ultimately encompasses mobsters, police corruption, political blackmail, and the ethnic biases that existed in 1950 Minneapolis. Known as the most anti-Semitic city in the country, the Minneapolis depicted in City of Stones is a deceitful place, a fact that each character seems intent on using to his or her advantage.

Veteran Homicide Detective Jake Cafferty is battling the bottle and a guilty conscience. Given one last chance at redemption, Jake has a choice to make––one that could cost him everything.

Nick Cole is a war hero looking for a fast-track promotion into Homicide. Determined to impress the woman he loves, he’ll let nothing stand in his way, especially a past that haunts his nights and threatens his career.

2020 Reader Views - Reviewers Choice AwardKate Dawson is on a mission to make a name for herself as the first woman attorney hired by the DA’s office. But in trying to take down a crooked cop she’s risking her career––and ultimately her life.


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Praise for City of Stones

“ . . . City of Stones by authors Christopher Valen and Dan Cohen is an eloquently written, blazing historical mystery, whodunit, with well-timed thrilling action! The blend of all three main characters is perfectly designed. The many peripheral characters in this work of fiction assist the story brilliantly . . . Images are easily visualized . . . You're not just reading a book — but experiencing the story! . . . City of Stones is easily a ‘keeper’ and easily 5 stars.”
—Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views.



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