Bad Weeds Never Die, 2011Bad Weeds Never Die

From award winning author Christopher Valen comes a powerful novel of deceit, revenge, and murder.

Forced to flee Colombia at the age of sixteen and haunted by
guilt for leaving his younger sister Natalia behind, Homicide
Detective John Santana is a man on a mission.

When a blood spattered Mercedes belonging to the daughter of a prominent psychologist is found abandoned, there are few clues to her whereabouts but a million dollars' worth of reasons why someone might want her dead.

Confronted with a list of suspects––a philandering boyfriend with a checkered past, the victim's estranged sister who has a penchant for mysteries and drugs, an angry man whose adopted Colombian son committed suicide, and a shady lawyer who can't be trusted––Santana's search for answers leads him to the photo of a mysterious woman who may hold the key to solving the crime. But to find her he must return to Colombia and face the ghosts of his past and the man who has vowed to kill him.

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Written Arts AwardRebecca's Reads Annual Written Arts Awards 
Best Mystery/Thriller of 2011 
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Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award 2012Reader Views Annual Literary Awards
Best Mystery/Thriller of 2011
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Praise for Bad Weeds Never Die

. . . Santana is an appealing series lead, strong and intelligent

". . . Bad Weeds Never Die, the third of the John Santana novels, delivered on all fronts. Once again I enjoyed Mr. Valen's well-plotted and intriguing mystery for all the obvious reasons: flowing and well paced storyline, great dialogue, multi-layered and vivid characters, a great sense of place and time, relevant issues and believable events . . ." (Read full review)
––Reader Views

". . . This is the first of Valen's books that I have read in the John Santana series and surely will not be the last . . . Valen's novel is gripping, fast-paced and will have you guessing until the end. The characters are intriguing and there are many plot twists and turns. It is a true page turner in every sense of the word . . . " (Read full review)
––Rebecca's Reads

" . . . The latest John Santana police procedural is an excellent investigative thriller as the two detectives methodically work a case that spins out of control with homicides. Readers will enjoy accompanying Santana and Hawkins as they follow twisted leads in Minnesota while John learns you can't go home in world filled with violent predators."
––Midwest Book Review



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