John Santana Returns! (March 2014)

Death's Way, 2014Death's Way, 2014

The death of a beautiful escort in a downtown hotel room appears to be a case of autoerotic asphyxiation gone wrong. But when a woman brings her young daughter to the police department with a strange story about a similar death six years before, Homicide Detective John Santana is drawn into a dangerous world of drugs, sex, and deceit, and toward a shocking secret that lies buried in the past; a secret that could not only destroy the lives of some well-connected and powerful men, but one that raises questions about the very meaning of life and death—and the boundary between the living and the dead.

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". . . The tightly wound story moves at a fast pace, with each chapter ending on a cliffhanger so that the audience will want to keep reading . . . this novel represents a gripping offering from an award-winning author."
—Foreword Reviews

“ . . . Valen is a master of words, of plots and subplots, and subplots within subplots. In Death’s Way Valen has once again crafted a spellbinding tale of mystery, murder, intrigue and the unexplained. His readers, both old and new, will not be disappointed.
—Rebecca’s Reads

“ . . . This carefully plotted police procedural deals with the sex trade from Costa Rica, drug trafficking, a wrongly convicted murderer, and murderous drug cartels. There are numerous turns and twists in this carefully plotted police procedural. Secrets and the meaning of life and death drive this intriguing and fast paced mystery . . .”
—Reader Views

Wow! Christopher Valen has done an extremely good job of making sure his latest offering, Death's Way, keeps you glued to the book till the end. The methodical way in which John Santana goes about piecing together the evidence in the case holds the reader's interest all the way. The author has researched his story well and ties up all the loose ends beautifully. Kudos to Christopher Valen for having come up with a character like John Santana . . .”
—Reader’s Favorite 


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